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In here you'll find all the resources you need to develop authentic First World War Inquiries for your students.  This page includes all teacher resources developed over the duration of the Walking with an Anzac Schools Programme; electronic files for any of the box items should you lose one or want to repeat the project again at a later date and links to records for all of the soldiers who appear in this project. 



The WW100NZ Discovery Box is part of the Walking with an Anzac Project. Funded and supported by the Ministry for Culture and Heritage and the WW100NZ Project Office. The Walking with an Anzac Education Programme is managed by the School Kit Team. Contributions were made by Auckland War Memorial Museum and NZ Post who delivered 1000 kits to schools around New Zealand..



This WW100NZ Discovery Box contains 32 of the best stories found during the visiting of schools as part of the Walking with an Anzac Education Programme. They are authentic reproductions of real items, with real stories about real people. Encourage your students to be respectful of this fact. 1000 boxes were made available to New zealand Classrooms and between Feb 5th and April 25th 32,000 students will use the kit to discover the stories for themselves.


Navigating research pathways can be confusing for students.  This Fact Sheet is to help New Zealand students find their way around New Zealand sites when researching their soldier's story. One is included in your pack but you may wish to download electronic versions for all students.


Download Walking with an Anzac Resources here

Walking with an Anzac has been a five year project and over that time a number of resources have been created. Click on the image of the resource you wish to take a closer look at below and download the corresponding PDF file free of charge.

Download Ephemera Box items here

If you weren't lucky enough to receive the original kit you can still download the original images from the kit and use them with your class. Click on each image below to download an image of each item.